Sumatra Waterfalls, Lakes

Aceh, Aceh River

Aceh-River_toneAceh River

The Aceh river on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia flows from mountains that include the 2780-metre high Mount Peuët Sagoë for...

Aceh, Suhom Waterfall

Suhom-WaterfallAceh, Suhom Waterfall

As one of tourist destinations in Aceh, lots...

Aceh, Alas River

Alas_tonemAlas River

White river rafting on the Alas river or Sungai Alas has become increasingly popular among local as well as foreign tourists to the...

Aceh, Tamiang River

Tamiang_toTamiang River

Aceh Tamiang Regency is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) in the Aceh province of Indonesia. The regency covers an area of 1,939...

Aceh, Laut Tawar, Takengon

Laut-Tawar-01-800Aceh, Laut Tawar, Takengon

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Exclusive places that must be visited when you have a vacation to aceh is the Laut Tawar Lake. In...

Bangka & Belitung, Sekar Biru Lake

Sekar-Biru-Lake-Bangka--BelitungBangka & Belitung, Sekar Biru...

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