Sumatra Festivals

Aceh, Dance of thousand hands, Rampai Aceh

Dance-of-thousand-hands-01-800Aceh, Dance of thousand hands, Rampai Aceh

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Saman or the hands dance one thousand was the traditional dance withered that...

Aceh, Saman dance

Saman-danceAceh, Saman dance

The dynamic Saman dance from Aceh, is another cultural heritage of Indonesia that has recently gained recognition from UNESCO...

Aceh, Kutaraja Art Carnival

Aceh-Kutaraja-Art-Carnival_toAceh, Kutaraja Art Carnival

BANDA ACEH , - Department of Culture and Tourism of Banda Aceh will hold a cultural parade titled...

Aceh, Sedati dance

Sedati-dance-from-aceh-01-800Aceh, Sedati dance

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Indra Zubir’s interest in dance came to the fore during his childhood. Born in the West Sumatran town...

Aceh, Saman dance

Aceh-saman-dance-800Aceh, Saman dance

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saman dance Gayo is a dance that is usually performed to celebrate important events in custom. Saman...

Aceh, Tari Mambri dance

Tari-Mambri-01Aceh, Tari Mambri dance

This traditional dance of the Mambri Tribe illustrates a group of war commanders.

They do an excercise on using the...

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