S, Southeast Sulawesi

- Southeast Sulawesi

Southeast-Sulawesi-800Southeast Sulawesi

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Few visitors make it to Southeast Sulawesi, but the handful of travellers that are prepared to venture...



Kolaka is readily accessible by boat from Bajoe, and is the major boat gateway to Southeast Sulawesi province from South Sulawesi. The...

Bau Bau

Bau-Bau-800Bau Bau

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With comfortable accommodation, great views from the well-preserved citadel walls and some decent beaches within...

Tukangbesi Islands

Tukangbesi-Islands-800Tukangbesi Islands

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According to Jacques Cousteau, the Tukangbesi Islands offered ‘possibly the finest diving in the...



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The capital of Southeast Sulawesi province has long been the key port for trade between the inland Tolaki people...