Sulawesi Festivals

Central Sulawesi, Festival Bamboo-Orcestra

poso-festival-01-800Central Sulawesi, Festival Bamboo-Orcestra

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Bamboo-Orcestra Traditional music is the pride of the Lindu plain, Kulawi and...

North Sulawesi, Tari-tarian Daerah Sulawesi Utara

Tari-tarian-Daerah-Sulawesi-Utara-01North Sulawesi, Tari-tarian Daerah Sulawesi Utara

Maengket dance, social dance that is done in pairs. The ambiance of love and caress.

Central Sulawesi, Festival lake Poso Morowali

Festival-lake-Poso-Morowali-01-800Festival lake Poso Morowali

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Lake Poso
Covering an area of 32,300 hectares and reaching 450m in depth, Lake Poso is the third...

North Sulawesi, Tomohon Flower Festival

Tomohon-Festival-01-800North Sulawesi, Tomohon Flower Festival

Tomohon is a hill resort located some 22 kilometers east of Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi...

North Sulawesi, Minahasa, Kabasaran dance

Kabasaran-dance-01Minahasa, Kabasaran dance

The Kabasaran dance is totally different from other dancers in Indonesia that frequently show  smile and graceful...

North Sulawesi, Tribal dance , Tondano lake

Tondano-lake-01-800North Sulawesi, Tribal dance , Tondano lake

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tribal dance near Tondano lake, Minahasa tour, North...

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