Papua Tribes

- East Papua Tribes

altEast Papua Tribes

The capital of Papua province is Jayapura. Most of the population depends on subsistence farming, especially the...

- Map of Papua Tribes 312 Tribes

Map of Papua Tribes 312 Tribes

Abinomn, Abun, Aghu, Airoran, Ambai, Anasi, Ansus, Anus, Arandai, Arguni, As Asmat, Casuarina Coast Asmat...

- West Papua tribes

West-Papua-Tribes-01bWest Papua tribes

Papua is home to around 312 different tribes, including some uncontacted peoples. The central mountainous region of Papua is...

East Papua Amungme Tribe

Amungme, Damal, Tribe, papua, indonesiaAmungme Tribe

The Amungme are a Melanesian group of about 13,000 people living in the highlands of the Papua province of Indonesia.

East Papua Asmat Region

Asmat Map, asmat, casuarina coast, agats, Asmat Region

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Asmat InfoTribes' people who live along the Southwest of Irian Jaya...

East Papua Asmat Tribe

Asmat, Tribe, PapuaAsmat Tribe

Tribes' people who live along the Southwest of Irian Jaya (Casuari-Coast, Cannibal-Coast), still untouched by modern civilization. The...

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