Papua, Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls

Digul River

Digul-800Digul River

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The Digul (Dutch: Digoel) is a major river in southern Papua province, Indonesia, on the island of New...

Fly River

Fly-River_toFly River

The Fly at 1,050 kilometres (650 mi), is the second longest river in Papua New Guinea, after the Sepik. The Fly is the largest...

Kamundan River


Kamundan River

Kamundan River is a river in southern West Papua, Indonesia


Kumbe River

Kumbe-River_ton-800Kumbe River

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The Kumbe is a river of Merauke Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia. It has a distinct meandering course. The...

Lorentz River

Lorentz-River_ton-800Lorentz River

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The Lorentz River (also Unir or Undir) is located in Western New Guinea, Indonesia. It originates in the...

Mamberamo River

Mamberamo-RiverMamberamo River

The Mamberamo is a large river on the island of New Guinea, in the Indonesian province of Papua. It is the largest river in...

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