Alor Islands, Kepa and Alor

Kepa_tone-800Alor Islands, Kepa and Alor

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Our flight to Alor took a...

Alor, Takpala, a traditional village

Alor-takpala_to-800Alor, Takpala, a traditional village

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I had some...

Alor Islands, Lamalera, whaling

Lamalera_ton-800Alor Islands, Lamalera, whaling

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Most trips in Indonesia start in...

Flores, Backpacking and Hiking in Bajawa

Bajawa_tonFlores, Backpacking and Hiking in...

Alor Islands, Ombak Putih

Takpala_to-800Alor Islands, Ombak Putih

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By Lisa...

Flores, Best of: Boats, Buses and Ferries in Indonesia

Roof_toneFlores, Best of: Boats, Buses and Ferries in...

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