Flores, Wologai Village, Lio Tribe

wologai-01-800Flores Lio Tribe Wologai

http://www.contemporarynomad.com/2012/01/the-lio-tribe/Click to Enlarge !A visit to Wologai, a traditional Lionese village...

Flores, Gurusina Ngada village

Flores Gurusina  Ngada...

Flores, Bajau, Fisherman's house

Flores-Fishermans-houseFlores, Fisherman's house, Bajau


While most Bajau have begun to live in houses built on stilts in...

Flores, Jopu Village, Lio,

Flores-House-Jopu-01Flores, Jopu Village


Jopu village - see the traditional house of Lio’s tribe and pay a call to...

Flores, Bena Traditional Village, Ngada,

bena-01-800Flores Bena Traditional VillageClick to Enlarge !

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Click to Enlarge...

Flores, Labuhanbajo, Fishing Village

Labuhanbajo-01-800Flores, Labuhanbajo, Fishing Village

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Labuan Bajo is a fishing town located at the western end of...

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