Komodo National park 17 Reptiles

- Komodo National park 17 Reptiles, 4 Fishes

Chelonia-mydas-01-200Komodo National park

17 Reptiles, 4 Fishes Chelonia mydas,
Green turtle,
Penyu HijauEretmochelys imbricata,
Hawksbill turtle,

Cerberus rynchops, Dog-faced Water Snake

Cerberus rynchops, Dog-faced Water SnakeCerberus rynchops

Dog-faced Water SnakeThese snakes got their name for their distinctive head shape with large scales (shield), small eyes...

Acrochordus granulatus, Indian Wart Snake

Acrochordus granulatus, Indian Wart SnakeAcrochordus granulatus

 Indian Wart SnakeAcrochordus granulatus is a snake species found from India through Southeast Asia to the Solomon...

Chelonia-mydas,  Green turtle, Penyu Hijau


Green turtle, Penyu Hijau

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Chelonia mydas, commonly known as the green turtle is a large sea turtle belonging...

Boiga cynodon, Dog-toothed Cat Snake

Boiga cynodon, Dog-toothed Cat Snake Boiga cynodon

Dog-toothed Cat Snake Dog-toothed Cat Snake (Boiga cynodon) is a species of snake.


* Indonesia (Bali, Bangka...

Cosymbotus platyurus, Flat-tailed House Gecko

Cosymbotus-platyurusCosymbotus platyurus

 Flat-tailed House Gecko

Flat-tailed House Gecko is the common name of a species of Gekkonidae found in Asia. The...

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