Moluccas Diving

- Moluccas diving

Dive-map-Moluccas---800Moluccas diving

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The Maluku islands, sometimes called the Moluccas, are a string of islands stretching between Sulawesi and...

Banda, Spice Island Divers

Banda-Spice-Island-Divers-01Moluccas, Banda, Spice Island Divers

Diving Banda; Dive Banda with Spice Island Divers

Spice Island...

Ambon, Blue Rose Divers

Ambon-Blue-Rose-Divers-01Moluccas, Ambon, Blue Rose Divers

Blue Rose Divers established in Februari 16, 2008 in one location with Santai...

Halmahera, Weda Resort

Weda_to-800Halmahera, Weda Resort

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Until recent, Weda Bay was an unknown spot on the dive map of the...

Ambon, Maluku Divers Resort

Ambon-Maluku-Divers-Resort-01Moluccas, Ambon, Maluku Divers Resort

The Maluku Divers Resort is a dedicated dive facility conveniently located...

Latuhalat Maluku Divers Resort

Latuhalat Maluku Divers Resort serious divers there is not much choice in Ambon. The critter dive sites in...