Ambon, Lenso Dance

Lenso-Dance-01Lenso Dance

Lenso is a folk dance from Minahasan, North Sulawesi and Maluku. The word Lenso means handkerchief, hence it uses that property...

Moluccas, Adat Ceremony

adat-Moluccas-01-800Moluccas, Adat Ceremony

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The Maluku Islands, also known as the Moluccas  /məˈlʌkəz/, are an archipelago within...

Banda, Cakalele dance

Cakalele-dance--01-800Banda, Cakalele dance

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Cakalele dance can be found on the island of Haruku, Central Maluku. Cakalele a traditional Moluccan...

Seram, Masihulan , Tari Cakalele

Seram-Masihulan_to-800Seram, Masihulan , Tari Cakalele

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Masihulan Hamlet, North Ceram has a traditional dance piece, Cakalele. This Cakalele...

Halmahera, Festival Teluk Jailolo

Teluk-Jailolo-01-800Festival Teluk Jailolo, Halmahera

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Cabaret on The Sea is a contemporary performing art that combines elements of...

Seram, Naulu kampong, Yalahatan,Island, Dance

suku-Naulu-kampong-YalahatanIsland-Seram-01-800Seram, Naulu kampong,  Yalahatan,Island, Dance

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indigenous people suku Naulu kampong Yalahatan,Island Seram , Maluku...

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