Namalatu Beach, Ambon

Namalatu-Beach-Ambon-800Namalatu Beach, Ambon

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Looks out over the Banda sea on the South coast of Ambon in the village Latuhalat some 15 km away...

Ora Beach, Saleman, North Ceram

Ora-Beach-Saleman--800Ora Beach, Saleman, North Ceram

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As the country with the second longest coastline in the world, Indonesia is home to...

Natsepa Beach, Ambon

Natsepa-Beach-Ambon_toNatsepa Beach, Ambon

The small island of Ambon was the centre of Dutch administration in Maluku, and today bustling Ambon city remains the...

Santai Beach, Ambon

Santai-Beach-AmbonSantai Beach, Ambon

Santai Beach is one of several beach that have a beautifull panorama, located not var from latuhalat village
Ambon. You...

Ohoidertawun Beach

Ohoidertawun-Beach-800Ohoidertawun Beach

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The stunning white sand beaches of Kei Islands!
Let me introduce... Ngur Bloat and Ohoidertawun.....

Serbat Beach, Dullah, Kei Kecil

Dullah_tonSerbat Beach, Dullah, Kei Kecil

The third largest island in the Kei archipelago, Dullah is where the islands' original capital, Tual is...

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