Kalimantan, Waterfalls, Lakes

Central Kalimantan, Arut River

Arut-River_tone-800Arut River

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Arut River is a river in Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is a tributary of the Lamandau River.[1]The Arut River like...

Central Kalimantan, Lamandau River

Lamandau-River-800Lamandau River

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Lamandau River (Indonesian: Sungai Lamandau) is a river of Kalimantan, southern-central Borneo...

Central Kalimantan, Jelai-Bila River

Jelai-Bila-RiverJelai-Bila River

Boraras merah (KOTTELAT, 1991)March 13th, 2012 — 1:23pm

Appears endemic to southern Borneo. The type specimens were...

Central Kalimantan, Mendawai River

Mendawai-River_ton-800Mendawai River

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Mendawai River is a river of Borneo, Indonesia.[1]The longhouses of the Pendahara are located along the...

Central Kalimantan, Kahayan River

Kahayan-RiverKahayan River

The Kahayan river, or Great Dyak, is the largest river in Central Kalimantan, a province of Indonesia in Kalimantan - the...

Central Kalimantan, Pembuang River

Pembuang-River_toPembuang River

Pembuang River is a river of Borneo, Indonesia. The river has its source near Bikit Tikung (1175 metres) in the Schwaner...

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