K, East Kalimantan



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Kalimantan's only cosmopolitan city, Balikpapan is also the only one worthy of being considered a destination...

Kota Bangun

Kota-BangunKota Bangun

This busy town and transport hub is where upriver journeys generally begin. You can hire a ces from here to take you through a...



Berau's new international airport has made this flat riverside town the first stop en route to the Derawan Archipelago. Another reason...

Kutai National Park

Kutai_tonKutai National Park

This park is a disappointment. The only reason to come here is if you want to see a wild orangutan and have no chance to...

Derawan Archipelago

Derawan--800Derawan Archipelago

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Occupying a large area of ocean east of Berau, the Derawan Archipelago consists of 31 named islands...



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For optimum jungle drama Mancong is best reached by boat on the Ohong river, meandering past monitor lizards...

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