Kalimantan Festivals



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BANJARMASIN, 17/7 - DANCE FESTIVAL AREA. One of the twelve participants from various...

Hudoq Mask Dance, East Kalimantan

Hudoq-Mask-Dance---East-Kalimantan-01-800Hudoq Mask Dance, East Kalimantan

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This mask dance comes from the Dayak Kenyah and Dayak Modang tribes. This dance is usually...

Dance South Kalimantan

Lembaga-Adat--01-800Adat Dance South Kalimantan

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The Tong Tong Fair in The Hague is the biggest Eurasian fair in the world.

The event is a...

Kalimantan Tong Tong Fair, The Haque, Netherlands 2011

Kalimantan-tong-tong-fair-01-800Kalimantan Tong Tong Fair, The Haque,  Netherlands 2011

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The Tong Tong Fair (formerly known as...

East Kalimantan, Tenggarong, Riak Nyalong

Tenggarong-East-Kalimantan_to-800East Kalimantan, Tenggarong, Riak Nyalong

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We all know the “Riak Nyalong” has proud the name of Central Kalimantan...

Kalimantan, Dayak Adat Dress

Dayak-dress-01-800Kalimantan, Dayak Adat Dress

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The Dayak or Dyak are the peoples indigenous to Borneo. It is a loose term for over 200...

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