Central Java Nature Reserves

- Central Java and Yogjakarta Nature Reserves, Mining, Plantations maps

Central Java Map, java, jawa, tengah, mining, natural recources, nature reserves, plantationsCentral Java and Yogjakarta

 Nature Reserves, Mining, Plantations maps

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Minerals and MiningMineral...

Bekutuk Nature Reserve

Bekutuk-Nature-Reserve_toCentral Java

Bekutuk Nature ReserveLongitude (DD) 111.37585636
Designation Nature Reserve
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known...

- Central Java National Parks Map

- Central Java National Parks Map   1 National Park


Beledug Kuwu, Purwodadi

Beledug-Kuwu-01-800Central Java, Beledug Kuwu, Purwodadi

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Bledug Kuwu is one of tourist attractions in Wirosari area in...

Bantar Bolang Nature Reserve

java--Bantar-BolangCentral Java

Bantar Bolang Nature ReserveLongitude (DD) 109.39365750
Latitude (DD) -7.09452360
Designation Nature Reserve
Status Designated...

Blimbing, Cave exploration in Dusun Blimbing

Cave-Blimbing-01Cave exploration in Dusun Blimbing

Gunung Kidul Regency in Yogyakarta, specifically Blimbing Village in Ponjong District, is a dry and desolate...

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