Java Festivals

Central Java, Bambangan Cakil dance

lawung-dance-01Central Java, Bambangan Cakil dance

Bambangan Cakil dance is one of classical dances in Java, Central Java in particular. This dance is actually...

Central Java, Lomban Festival, Jepara

Lomban-FestivalCentral Java, Lomban Festival, Jepara

Lomban Festival is a famous event in the country as well which is celebrated by the fishermen folks of the...

Central Java, bedaya ketawang dance

bedaya-ketawang-dance-01Central Java, bedaya ketawang dance

Another province in java which is famous for the dancing is central java. One of famous dancing in central...

Central Java, peacock dance (tari merak).

PEACOCK-DANCE-01-800Central Java, peacock dance (tari merak)

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peacock dance (tari merak). This dance might be the most popular dance in java...

Central Java, Gandrung Mask Dance

Gandrung-Mask-Dance---Central-JavaCentral Java, Gandrung Mask Dance

Gandrung Mask Dance - Central Java

Falling in love is normal and human that everyone will experience. The...

Central Java, Solo Batik Carnival

Solo-Batik-Carnival-01-800Central Java, Solo Batik Carnival

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The Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) is an annual...

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