West Java, Beaches

West Java, Batu Hiu Beach

Batu-Hiu-Beach_ton-800West Java, Batu Hiu Beach

Some 12 km west of Pangandaran along the coastal road is Batu Hiu, a bizarre rock right on the coast. Its name means...

West Java, Cimaja Beach

Cimaja-Beach-01West Java, Cimaja Beach

The Palabuhanratu area, a favorite weekend surfing destination for expatriates and a growing number of Indonesian...

West Java, Batu Karas Beach

Batu-Karas-Beach_ton-800West Java, Batu Karas Beach

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As a coastal area, Batu Karas is a blend between the nearby Pangandaran Beach and the Batu Hiu...

West Java, Cipatujah Beach

Cipatujah-Beach-01West Java, Cipatujah Beach

Cipatujah beach is one of the longest and widest beaches in West Java, located in tourism strip of Tasikmalaya to...

West Java, Cijayana Beach

Cijayana-Beach-800West Java, Cijayana Beach

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This beach has an area of ​​approximately 9 ha of land and has the type of material in the...

West Java, Karang Hawu Beach

Karang-Hawu-Beach_to-800West Java, Karang Hawu Beach

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The beach is located abut 20 kilometers from Pelabuhan ratu town.Karang Hawu Beach is known for...

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