Calanthe 25 pages

- Calanthe 25 pages

Calanthe Orchids 25 pages Calanthe angustifolia
Narrow Leafed CalantheCalanthe arcuata
Arched Inflorescence CalantheCalanthe argenteostriata...

Calanthe argenteostriata

Calanthe-argenteostriataCalanthe argenteostriataSilvery Striped Calanthe argenteostriata C.Z. Tang & S.J. Cheng 1981

Common Name...

Calanthe angustifolia

Narrow Leafed Calanthe , Calanthe angustifoliaCalanthe angustifoliaNarrow Leafed Calanthe

 Calanthe angustifolia (Blume) Lindl 1833 SECTION Styloglossum

Common Name The Narrow Leafed...

Calanthe arisanensis

Mt. A-Li-Shan Calanthe  , Calanthe arisanensisCalanthe arisanensisMt. A-Li-Shan Calanthe arisanensis Hayata 1911 Photo courtesy of of Rogier van...

Calanthe arcuata

Calanthe-arcuataCalanthe arcuataArched Inflorescence Calanthe arcuata Rolfe 1896 Photo by Japan Orchid Website

Common Name...

Calanthe cardioglossa

Calanthe-cardioglossaCalanthe cardioglossaHeart-Shaped Lip Calanthe cardioglossa Schltr. 1906 SECTION Preptanthe Photo courtesy of...

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