Medical Plants

- Medical Plants

The Natural Healer The Dukun, Balian in Balinese

 A "Balian" means a healer in Balinese language. Each of them has some specific...

Abelmoschus moschatus

Abelmoschus moschatusMusk MallowKapasanMalvaceae 


Perennial growing to 2m by 1m at a fast rate.
It is hardy to zone 9 and is frost...

- Medical Plants 150 Pages

Medical Plants  150 Pages

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Abutilon indicumAcalypha hispidaAcalypha...

Abutilon indicum

Indian Abutilon, Indian Mallow, Abutilon indicumAbutilon indicumIndian Abutilon Malvaceae

Abutilon indicum (Indian Abutilon...

- Where you will find them

Where you will find them.. 

On the Beach and in the Mangroves
When you walk along the beach in Sanur and you walk a little in the mangrove to...

Acalypha hispida

Acalypha hispida, Red cat tales, Euphorbiaceae, Ekor kucing	Acalypha hispidaRed cat talesEkor kucingEuphorbiaceae 

 Thought to be from Malaysia, this upright, soft-stemmed shrub is grown for its...

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